Pacific BioEnergy

Our Business

Pacific BioEnergy is a private company established in 1994 with corporate offices located in Vancouver, BC and operations in the heart of British Columbia’s forest region. We are a leader in wood pellet fuel in North America and are committed to meeting growing worldwide demand for this clean energy source.

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Our Product

Today, the cost and environmental limitations of traditional fossil-based fuels are driving unprecedented global demand for new, renewable energy alternatives. Wood-based biomass — the most abundant, underutilized and economical renewable energy source available — has emerged as the fuel of choice for a variety of energy processes.

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Our Assets

We operate a world-scale pellet fuel processing facility in Prince George, BC and have a number of development projects underway in other major forestry regions of the province. These strategic assets give us ready access to one of the world’s largest and most under-utilized wood waste resources.

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Our People

Leaders in the industry, our manufacturing team and logistics group consistently deliver reliability and excellence in the production, handling, storage, and transportation of wood pellet fuel. We also benefit from the clear vision and diverse business expertise of our senior management team and board of directors and advisors.

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