Pacific BioEnergy

The BC Advantage

British Columbia’s forests cover 60 million hectares, an area bigger than France. Operating in BC provides Pacific BioEnergy with several key operating advantages, including:

Ready availability of fibre

  • • Large primary sawmilling industry generates significant residual fibre
  • MPB infestation and decadent coastal hemlock provide significant additional fibre that is suitable for wood pellets

Security of supply

  • • Fibre can be secured by long-term contract with forestry companies or directly through forest licenses
  • • Approximately 95% of BC’s forests are publicly owned “Crown forests”. Harvesting rights are granted to forest industry participants through a licensing system; once granted, licenses are tradable assets

Well-established and maintained infrastructure, including roads (forestry and primary), rail and port facilities

Low fibre costs compared to other global regions

Attractive environmental characteristics

  • • BC has established itself as a leader in forest management through stringent forest policies and innovative forest practices; BC’s Forest and Range Practices Act is widely held by policy experts as a world-leading model of forest management
  • • Less than one percent of BC’s forests are harvested each year; a sustainable pace that maintains strong forest resources for future generations
  • • BC has more independently certified forest land than any jurisdiction in the world, other than Canada as a whole
  • • Low-cost, renewable hydroelectricity results in comparatively lower carbon footprint of operations

Political stability


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